Hey everyone, so 2014 was a great year for DoneBP, and 2015 is shaping up to be even more amazing.  Our mission is to personally help 10,000+ entrepreneurs achieve higher levels of success in their lives by the end of 2015.  In order to do that though, we need to have our mindset correctly targeted.  These 10 books are CRITICAL to read if you want to make 2015 your biggest year yet.  So let’s take a look at what we have read that positively changed our lives and we know can help you change yours!

These are 10 books that everyone should read in 2015!

Number 10 – Blink – Malcom Gladwell

blink In this book Malcom Gladwell talks about the way people think by making immediate judgements subconsciously  about everything.  If you understand the power of that judgement and how it impacts your customers, you will be better able to target them and bring them into the fold.  It is a best selling book and while it did come out in 2007, if you haven’t already read it… I would highly recommend it!


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Number 9 – The E-myth Revisited – Michael E. Gerber

emyth The E-Myth Revisited is the revised and updated version of this book published in 2009.  It talks all about systems.  No matter how good your mindset is, if you don’t have the property systems in place for your business you are doomed to fail or just stay stagnant.  This one is a quick read at just a few hundred pages but is a MUST for any serious entrepreneur.  There are examples and walkthroughs of how to tackle creating systems and build your business from its infancy to whatever you want it to be.


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Number 8 – Screw It Let’s Do It – Richard Branson

bransonIn this phenomenal book from one of my personal business hero’s he talks about his ideas for being a better entrepreneur and human being.  He also shares what he feels are some of the secrets to his success and how to achieve more from your goals.  This is a short but very powerful book.  Definitely check it out.


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Number 7 – MONEY Master the Game – Tony Robbins

tonyIn this new book from Tony Robbins he talks about 7 simple steps to financial freedom.  Every entrepreneur I know is always looking for financial freedom, that’s why the become entrepreneurs in the first place.  However not everyone of them will achieve it.  not because they don’t want it, but because they lose their way along the path to it.  This book is a bit more of a beast at nearly 700 pages, but it is chuck full of great advice from billionaires and others who are not just financially free, but financially dominating.


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Number 6 – Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

ThinkAndGrowRichIn this book written back in 1937, Napoleon shares some of the laws of success that he gleaned over decades of studying ultra successful entreprenuers like Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, Henery Ford and other millionaires.  It dares to ask the question “What makes you successful?”  While his wirting style is old and sometimes wordy compared to modern writers, his points are spot on and you can’t go wrong digesting the wealth of knowledge napoleon shares in this book.


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Number 5 – CRUSH IT – Gary Vaynerchuk

crushitIn Gary’s Book he talks about finding your passion, making a plan of attack, and crushing it.  This book was one of the ones that truly inspired me to go out and seek what I wanted to do.  It led me down a path that ends up with the creation of this website, our Order of Success program, and is what has allowed me to set some pretty lofty goals for the number of people that we want to help in 2015.  You can breeze through this 142 page book in a weekend and you will be glad you did.


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Number 4 – The 4 Hour Work Week – Tim Ferriss

4HourWorkWeek I swear I didn’t plan for this to be number 4, it just happened that way haha.  This book single-handedly changed the way I saw work.  It changed the way I approached time management and more importantly it changed the way I choose to spend my time.  I still had my full time job when I first read it and was struggling to find enough time to put into the business.  By implementing much of what Tim talks about in this book I went from “working” (and I use that term very loosely) 50-60 hours per a week, to truly working about 25.  I cut the time it took me to accomplish the same tasks in half.  Now of course I put that time to my business not to doing more work for my job, which allowed me to accomplish so much more.  This is a must read book for any entrepreneur who ever finds themselves wondering how they are going to get everything done in the time they have..

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Number 3 – The Motivation Manifesto – Brendon Burchard

motivationManifestoThis book was released in 2014.  I picked it up as Tony Robbins had mentioned it on Facebook, and boy am I sure glad I did.  There is a reason this is in the top 3.  We all need some motivation sometimes, but in this book Brendon talks about HOW we can go about getting more motivated.  His 9 declarations make perfect sense.  I often found myself putting down the book to stop and immediately go implement something.  I don’t know if this is good or bad for his book, but it motivated me so much that I couldn’t read it any more!  It’s not a long book, but his writing style is very biblical, which means it will take a bit longer to read than your average business book.  However you MUST read this book if you have ever found yourself lacking motivation.


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Number 2 – The Way You Do Anything is The Way You Do Everything – Suzanne Evans


Someone sent this book to me… I still have no idea who it was (if it was you please email me so I can properly thank you), but I want to thank this anonymous person who took it upon themselves to ship this book to me.  This book was AMAZING.  Suzanne made some amazing points about business growth and the way I was approaching things needed some adjustment.  Each chapter includes a set of action steps based on what was covered, making implementing the changes she talks about SUPER easy.  The name of the book says it all and I think we could all step up our game a little bit.  Definitely check this one out.


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Number 1 – Mindset – The New Psychology of Success – Carol Dweck


And the coveted number 1 spot goes to Doctor Carol Dweck.  This book was MIND BLOWING.  Never have I read a book that so clearly articulates the principles of success and how they can be applied to business, life, children, EVERYTHING.  I listened to this on audio (the audio book speaker’s voice is a bit annoying for me personally),  and I have been forever changed.  I used to think I was a pretty positive mindset kind of guy, however the level of detail, studies, focus groups, and information she provides showed me that I had a lot of work still to do.  If you’re content where you are right now, then I suggest you skip this book.  If you want MASSIVE mindset growth then pick this one up and read it AS SOON AS YOU CAN!

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These are 10 books that will change your life and business in 2015 and beyond.  I included links to amazon where you can get them in hard copy, kindle format, or many of them in audio book format as well.  I hope you enjoyed this list and I would love to know what books have inspired you recently, share below in the comments!