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Fear is ruining your business Part 2

Last time, I asked you guys to share some of the fears that you have. The responses were not surprising to me, but the number of you that responded was surprising to me. So let’s talk about those fears. I summarized all of the fears that you guys wrote for me in the last video […]

Fear is ruining your business Part 1

Let’s talk about fear. One of the things that scares me a little bit is the fear of where you’re currently at. I was doing a live broadcast for a Western New York Real Estate Investors Associations meeting. One thing that a lot of people raised their hands for when I asked was “How many […]

You need to be smacked around….

I want to talk about why you might someone to smack you around every once in a while. I know it sounds a little funny, but a lot of you are entrepreneurs, you’re out there making your own business and making things happen. One of the most important things that has been massively helpful for […]

Run Your Business like Disneyland

Today I’ll be talking about why you need to run your business like Disneyland. I had an awesome experience at Disneyland the other day, I was taken around by someone who knows Disneyland very well. The one thing that struck me the most about being at Disneyland is that Disney, as a company, does an […]

Choose Your Words Wisely

I’m heading back from Jacksonville to LA and I wanted to share this. I was in Jacksonville and our flight was delayed. That’s annoying but it happens. So I decided to sit down at the restaurant and I was enjoying my food and this guy sat down next to me. He kind of huffed and […]

Why you’re stuck in business

Why are you stuck? There’s a million reasons why you could be stuck. I don’t know your exact reason. What I do know is that not enough people sending enough people developing themselves in their niche and doing something that will help progress their future. One of the cool things that I’ve got going on […]

Your Perfectionist Thoughts Are Terrorists Holding Your Business Hostage

Imagine for a second that your perfectionist thoughts were a real person.  That they had been imbued with the traits that make us human.  Now imagine that this human is a terrorist… holding your business hostage.  If you can picture that you now can start to realize what your own thoughts are doing to your […]

What Happens To Your Brain When You Complain – Fired Up Episode 5

In this periscope recording, I delve into what happens to your brain when you complain, how to start cutting down on your complaining, and how your brain and mindset are impacted when you do.  If you are looking to make massive mindset shifts then this is a great place to start!

This One Habit Is Making You 40% Less Productive

Multi-tasking, that glorious idea that you can consciously focus on numerous activities all at once.  Everyone will admit that they are less focused when they are multitasking, and we know that when we lose focus we aren’t nearly as productive.  So by default, multitasking is a productivity killer, not a productivity enhancement.  In fact, multitasking […]

These 10 Choices Will Change Your Business & Life Forever

I have spoken to thousands of entrepreneurs, in hundreds of different settings, and there is always a few things that I notice with the mindset of the successful ones vs the ones who don’t make it or even worse those who find themselves plateaued somewhere.  There are 10 simple choices you can make to have […]