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Social Media Marketing

Facebook Groups

Today, I’m going to talk more about Facebook groups. The first one was more about how to utilize groups and the basics around that. Today’s going to be a bit more advanced. If you’ve already built a group, let’s talk about how to impact those members in some way, be it for business, fun, travel, […]

Fear is ruining your business Part 1

Let’s talk about fear. One of the things that scares me a little bit is the fear of where you’re currently at. I was doing a live broadcast for a Western New York Real Estate Investors Associations meeting. One thing that a lot of people raised their hands for when I asked was “How many […]

Facebook Groups Case Study

Let’s talk about something powerful that is going to help you guys do what you need to do better on Facebook. My very good friend Katie recently launched a new business that helps people explore and travel. I’m talking about this because the strategy that she used at launch that great. My content has helped […]

Facebook Ads 101

What we’re going to talk about is “how do we use Facebook Ads?” Facebook literally knows everything about who we are, what we do, all of that. Because of that we have the ability as marketers to target who we want. I did a post while I was in Jacksonville about using Facebook Ads to […]

Be Everywhere on Facebook with a small budget!

I want to share with you guys one way to use Facebook to make yourself appear huge without spending a lot of money. Facebook is really powerful. One awesome thing that people never really make use of is that you can upload an email list of people to Facebook and then target those people very […]