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Helpful business advice from my $20,000 Mastermind

I had an amazing day yesterday at a Masterminds with the top paid speakers in the world and I just want to share that with you. They taught a lot of stuff, we started at noon and didn’t wrap until almost 9 pm. I got pages and pages of notes from that so I just […]

Why I hate MLM’s and most MLM people….

I shared a video before in which John Oliver talked about how MLMs are pyramid schemes. I thought this was fascinated because I get asked all the time to do be a part of, join, sell, show how to make it work, whatever it is for somebody’s MLM or direct marketing. What is more important […]

You need to be smacked around….

I want to talk about why you might someone to smack you around every once in a while. I know it sounds a little funny, but a lot of you are entrepreneurs, you’re out there making your own business and making things happen. One of the most important things that has been massively helpful for […]

Two words that will increase your close ratio

I want to talk today about two little words that were shared with me by one of my mentors many years ago that have helped me sell more stuff and get more of what I need to in my business. I want to talk about what those two words are. Those are the words “so […]

Stop Spamming & Start Asking

Today I want to talk a little bit about permission based marketing. I’ll do this primarily through a story that I want to share with you guys. I’m not the creator of this idea, Seth Godin wrote a book named Permission Marketing, get that book if you want to learn more about some awesome marketing […]

Run Your Business like Disneyland

Today I’ll be talking about why you need to run your business like Disneyland. I had an awesome experience at Disneyland the other day, I was taken around by someone who knows Disneyland very well. The one thing that struck me the most about being at Disneyland is that Disney, as a company, does an […]

Connections are the currency of the wealthy

Today I’ll talk about choosing your people. The world’s most powerful currency is connections. It was one of the bullet points I left in the commencement speech that I did. This is something that has impacted me numerous times. You always hear, “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” I honestly believe that. […]

Be Everywhere on Facebook with a small budget!

I want to share with you guys one way to use Facebook to make yourself appear huge without spending a lot of money. Facebook is really powerful. One awesome thing that people never really make use of is that you can upload an email list of people to Facebook and then target those people very […]

Value is the secret to success

Lets talk about value for a few seconds. So the title of this is video is “Price is only ever an objection in the absence of value. All too often, as other entrepreneurs know, we focus on “Why is someone objecting to paying for my product, my service, whatever.” Now, there’s different forms of objections […]

Choose Your Words Wisely

I’m heading back from Jacksonville to LA and I wanted to share this. I was in Jacksonville and our flight was delayed. That’s annoying but it happens. So I decided to sit down at the restaurant and I was enjoying my food and this guy sat down next to me. He kind of huffed and […]