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Why you’re stuck in business

Why are you stuck? There’s a million reasons why you could be stuck. I don’t know your exact reason. What I do know is that not enough people sending enough people developing themselves in their niche and doing something that will help progress their future. One of the cool things that I’ve got going on […]

Excellence Over Perfection – Firedup TV Episode 6

Excellence over Perfection.  A simple concept that can help those with the perfectionist mindset start to overcome their perfectionist habits.  Check out the video for details how!

5 simple ways to achieve hyper focus

One of the biggest problems with entrepreneurs is staying focused, not on a goal, but on an activity, maintaining hyper-focus for a short period of time. By learning how to hyper-focus your attention, you can blaze through projects and get more done in less time. This is especially valuable when the focus is on a […]

Why do we want to be perfect so bad?

Where did it start? Why is it so hard for so many entrepreneurs to achieve what they want to achieve? Why is it difficult for many start-up businesses to get off the ground? Every single year, there are tens of thousands of businesses started, and every single year, nearly as many fail. In fact, almost […]

This One Habit Is Making You 40% Less Productive

Multi-tasking, that glorious idea that you can consciously focus on numerous activities all at once.  Everyone will admit that they are less focused when they are multitasking, and we know that when we lose focus we aren’t nearly as productive.  So by default, multitasking is a productivity killer, not a productivity enhancement.  In fact, multitasking […]

5 Harsh Truths about Becoming an Entrepreneur

As of late the trend of becoming an entrepreneur is all the rage.  With hit TV shows like “Shark Tank” averaging nearly 8 million viewers this year, everyone has realized that the American dream is becoming harder to achieve as an employee.  As such they are starting businesses instead.  Unfortunately no one tells them how […]

Why You Aren't Hustling Hard Enough & How To Start

Speaking to new entrepreneurs you get to see a lot of things.  Many beginners and those who are stuck in a plateau and unable to grow are often told “go knock on a few doors”, or “go to a few networking events and hustle”.  The problem with these phrases is not that they aren’t correct…. […]

7 Simple Things That Happy People Do All The Time!

Grit… you hear this word often in movies about detectives who are good at their job, or about down to earth “super heroes”, but not too often do you hear it about entrepreneurs.  The definition of grit nearly perfectly describes those qualities we admire in successful people, because mental toughness builds the foundations for long term success. […]

Why You Should Be Hiring a Professional Doodler

Many companies these days are realizing that having a great mindset for your team is great, but even the best minds can get in a rut sometimes.  Having a visual stimulus can often to lead to a better outpouring of ideas from talented minds.

3 Simple Ways To Drive More Sales From Networking

Face-to-face networking, we all know we should be doing it, but how many of us that spend time doing it, are actually making money from it?  Do you find that people are itching to learn more about your business?  Do you find that people are ready to plop down money right now to get started?  […]