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Excellence over Perfection

Today is so far an awesome day. A lot of awesome things that I want to share with you guys. I’m going to talk about one of the concepts from my book, Get Out of Your Own Way. It’s a compilation of not just things that I’ve thought and seen and put out there, it’s […]

Excellence Over Perfection – Firedup TV Episode 6

Excellence over Perfection.  A simple concept that can help those with the perfectionist mindset start to overcome their perfectionist habits.  Check out the video for details how!

Your Perfectionist Thoughts Are Terrorists Holding Your Business Hostage

Imagine for a second that your perfectionist thoughts were a real person.  That they had been imbued with the traits that make us human.  Now imagine that this human is a terrorist… holding your business hostage.  If you can picture that you now can start to realize what your own thoughts are doing to your […]

What Happens To Your Brain When You Complain – Fired Up Episode 5

In this periscope recording, I delve into what happens to your brain when you complain, how to start cutting down on your complaining, and how your brain and mindset are impacted when you do.  If you are looking to make massive mindset shifts then this is a great place to start!

Fired Up TV Episode 4 – Achieving Hyper Focus Video!

In this persicope recording I talk about achieving hyper focus in more detail!  Have you ever found that you have half finished tasks, things never seem to get across the finish line, or that you feel like a pinball bouncing from side to side, project to project in your business?  If so then you will […]

5 simple ways to achieve hyper focus

One of the biggest problems with entrepreneurs is staying focused, not on a goal, but on an activity, maintaining hyper-focus for a short period of time. By learning how to hyper-focus your attention, you can blaze through projects and get more done in less time. This is especially valuable when the focus is on a […]

Why I Wrote a Book and You Should Too

As many of you know my book “Get Out Of Your Own Way” came out on December 16th this year.  It has been almost 2 years since I first had the idea of writing a book about this.  The process has not at all been what I would have thought writing a book would be, instead […]

Failure and Fear – The Two F-words you Need to Tell to F-off

The word “failure” strikes fear in many minds and hearts. The very idea of it has caused untold millions of would-be entrepreneurs to never even begin their journeys. The dreaded statement, “I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed” comes to mind, as it is usually preceded by a failure. Negative emotions surround and make up the […]

10 Game Changing Books To Read in 2016

Can you believe that 2015 is over tomorrow?!?!?!?!?  I seriously wonder where the year went.  I could have sworn it was just starting the other day yet here we are with it about to wrap up.  2015 was a pretty awesome year here at and 2016 is shaping up to be an even better […]

Fired Up TV Episode 3 – Getting Out of Your Own Way!

In this episode I talk Getting Out of Your Own Way, my new book, and answer your questions around business!  How the DoneBP philosophy came about, where perfection comes from, and I dive into some basics around excellence over perfection!