I want to share with you guys one way to use Facebook to make yourself appear huge without spending a lot of money. Facebook is really powerful. One awesome thing that people never really make use of is that you can upload an email list of people to Facebook and then target those people very specifically with an Ad that you want to run. Here’s where it gets not just ninja, but this is where it gets Yoda. If you want to make yourself seem ridiculously big without spending a lot of money follow along with this logic.

So let’s say I want to go ahead with putting in a whole bunch of offers on a whole bunch of properties with a single agent. You want that agent to think “man, this guy is legit. I’ve been hearing about this guy.” Let’s say that this agent is female. I can upload my list because when you upload a list you have to have at least 20 people on it for Facebook to accept it. So I’ll get a list of 20 people and 19 are male and the one agent that I care about is female. I don’t care about the 19 guys, I just care about the one agent that I want to seem big to. So when I upload this list I tell it to target this add at only the females, which there’s only one of those on the list: the person I want to target. So when I do it this way, I’m targeting one single person. Since I’m targeting a single person, my cost on this ad is going be nominal. Realistically it will only cost you like a dollar, two dollars, maybe 10 at most. So you create an ad that says “we buy houses, 100 percent acceptance our close rate on offers” or something of that nature.

So what that’s going to do is make this agent think I’m huge because every time she goes on Facebook, BAM there I am. It doesn’t even cost me a lot of money to make it happen because I’m only targeting one person. Also if she clicks I’ll know it because it reports back to me how many clicks it gets and she is the only person I’m targeting. Think about this for a minute. How else could we use this same knowledge?

Just for the fun of it, what if you were going to run an ad at one of your friends just to mess with them. Imagine what you could target them with that they would have no idea why they’re seeing it.

Anyways, how awesome would it be to use this to make someone think you’re huge because they keep seeing you. When you submit your offers to the realtor you did this to she’ll be like “oh that’s that guy I keep seeing everywhere.” She feels like she already knows what you’ve got going on because she’s been seeing you everywhere.

What if you were heading to a bank to get a loan and you want to make this person think you’re serious. Get their Facebook email address and target them with Ads. Imagine that. You walk into the bank like “I’ve been seeing you Facebook everywhere!” It would certainly impact their opinion of your business.

It’s something simple. I was just on a video with my friend Chris Noggle and he was talking about marketing yourself. This is the same idea he had. He was saying it does not have to be huge, it can be something small and simple as this. If we think outside the box we change what we’re doing.

If you want another Yoda tip, go into the little arrow at the top of the Ad and click “Why am I seeing this Ad?” It’ll show you why and sometimes they come up with some really unique ideas to target people. Most folks don’t even know that that exists.

This does require the email that they use to log into Facebook with, but a lot of the time, people leave their emails public there on their pages. You could also try to use their business email.