What we’re going to talk about is “how do we use Facebook Ads?” Facebook literally knows everything about who we are, what we do, all of that. Because of that we have the ability as marketers to target who we want.

I did a post while I was in Jacksonville about using Facebook Ads to target very specific people to make them think that you’re a lot bigger than you really are. That got a lot of traction and a lot of people said that was what they wanted to do. I want to go a bit broader than that. So instead or targeting very specifically to 1 to 10 people, we’re going to how to target in a very broad sense. Many of you guys are using Facebook Ads, you know of Facebook Ads, or heard of Facebook Ads but you don’t really know how to tackle them. I’m going to talk about how to do that and a couple things that you need to keep in mind while you use Facebook Ads to promote your business.

First and foremost, you can run Facebook Ads by going to your Ads manager from the left hand side of your main Facebook page. Or you can google Facebook Ad manager. Once you’re there, make an Ad. I’m not going to walk you through all of that right now, but what I am going to talk about is this. When we do Facebook Ads we have the ability to choose our audience and we can get super specific. Facebook knows everything about us and I’m willing to bet that they have more information than they’re letting us see. They hide some because they think it would creep people out so much that they would never come back.

So let’s talk about some of the ways that we can do some certain things to make things happen. So number one. We can target anything that we want to when it comes to Facebook Ads. So think of anything and there’s probably a reason that you could target it. Like Job descriptions are good things to use, or people associate with certain pages, age, location, marital status. If you’re selling caskets you could target widows. We can target people by net income, if they have kids, how old their kids are.

So don’t just think about how you can run an ad but I want you think to yourself what your target audience and what you want them to see. I’ll share a little story with you that blows my mind.

So we just recently went through Christmas holidays and I got targeted with Ads for things that they wanted me to buy for Christmas. A lot of them were spot on. One of the Ads I got was for a medallion on a gold chain and it said “To my Son, From Dad” with a bible quote on it. What amazed me about this ad was that number one: this is something that only someone with kids would buy for Christmas. Not just someone that has kids but a man that has a son specifically. I don’t have kids and never said that I did. So that’s their first fail, they targeted the wrong audience and was a waste of money. Here’s where it gets even further, there’s so many things about my page that says that a bible verse would not be something that I would care about even when if I did have kids.
The sad thing is that this is probably a growing company that just wasted God knows how much money on Ads that target the wrong people. It should have been clear on Facebook that I didn’t fit their audience but they didn’t take the time to target the right people in the right way. They probably hit a lot of people just right, but they also hit people who didn’t want it to and they wasted money with that. You’re paying for those folks to see you. You’re paying to either per view or per click and the worse thing is that if you have 1000 views and one click instead of 1000 views and 10 clicks, the more click I get on my ad, the lower price per click I pay. The more views I get, the lower price per view I pay. So whether their doing it per click or by views is that they’re spending money on something that isn’t going convert and that’s just silly. And why? Because they didn’t care to understand the power of Facebook Ads. When you choose to do Facebook Ads, get super specific with it. For example, when we’re trying to sell a house, we run a different ad for 20 somethings and 30 somethings than I will for 50 and 60 somethings. Within those, I also run different Ads for men and women. When we talk about Real Estate, women care about bathrooms and kitchens. Men don’t care about those things quite as much, they care about the garage or mancave. So we got to target our audience very specifically. Yes it will take more effort to make more adsets but if you do, you hone in on your audience and what happens when you get that specific with it is that your price goes down for that ad. Which means you spend less money to get more views and more people taking action. If you don’t do these things it just means you’re spending money for nothing and that doesn’t make sense for anybody. Why bother with spending money to put your ads in front of people who will never take actions, you’re just annoying them. When I saw that one ad the first thing I thought was “why am I seeing this ad?” The why am I seeing this ad button told me it was targeting men between the age of 18 and 35 who live in LA. I was like really? That’s your criteria? Instead of trying to get to millions of people, we should try to get to 100 thousand people because those people are our audience who are looking for what we have. This is huge guys. If people don’t do this, they’re going to fail.