Let’s talk about something powerful that is going to help you guys do what you need to do better on Facebook.

My very good friend Katie recently launched a new business that helps people explore and travel. I’m talking about this because the strategy that she used at launch that great. My content has helped her connect with 14 hundred people in less than 2 months.

What I’m going to talk about is Facebook groups. I’ll help you understand what these groups can do for you. When you go to Facebook, we see people share anything that they want, even a bunch of irrelevant stuff that I don’t care about. So what we have to avoid that is groups. This is the one place where it’s not acceptable to post whatever you want to post. The only content allowed in a group is centered around the what group was created about. This is why Facebook Groups are so powerful. This is a place to connect with customers or people in the same niche as us. I want you to understand the power of groups and how to use them.

You can share adjacent content, but groups really create a platform for us to be able to focus in. What is awesome and a lot of people don’t realize is that when you share to a group, people get notified, depending on their settings, every time that someone they know posts.

Let me explain the secret sauce of this. In our businesses, a lot of us are Real Estate and the group I’ll be talking about is not Real Estate, but you can apply the same concepts to any group. When you create a group and people join it, they’re going to want to be friends with your personal account because you have to join a group from a personal account. If they become your friend, they will get a notification and see your content every time you post in that group. Think about that for a minute.

The group I’ll be using as an example is a group called Treckit Connect. One thing to notice is that right below the name of the group is that it says it’s a closed group. There are a couple different kinds of groups: Public, closed, and secret. In public, anyone can join and post and see anything. Closed, anyone can see the members but can’t see the posts unless their also a member. Secret groups can only be seen by members that were invited in.

If you’re making a new group I recommend Public or Closed groups. If it’s closed, it means that you need to ask to join and be approved. This comes with pros and cons. A closed group will let you keep out spammers. In a public group, you’ll get a lot more people in, but you’ll also get a lot more spammers.

If you don’t want people to know you’re real estate, then don’t join public groups about real estate. Anyone who is connected to you can see you posting on public groups.

Next, notice the banner up top. This picture might not seem very important but it is. If you see a travel group with a picture like this of people in a car, it conveys a lot about the group in so little. It’s the first thing that people see about the group. So the picture should convey the emotion and what the group is about.
Remember, your friends will all see what you’re doing in these groups. For example, this post has a gif of a map and names of countries changing so fast that you can’t read them. If you stop the gif, it gives you your next travel destination. This post was done two days ago and it’s still getting interaction. It’s got 10 likes and 21 comments. That’s a lot of engagement. If you post to your business page, you don’t get that kind of engagement because Facebook limits how many people see that kind of stuff.

This group has a bunch of people posting and getting engagement. This is what it’s all about, a community dedicated to travel with 1452 members. You can do the same thing with your business by creating a group.

Obviously, you as a group creator have to be driving the group conversation. If you want a community that talks and engages together, you have to be the one to initiate all of that first. If you notice, in Katie’s group most of the posts in the beginning of it were Katie’s posts. If it’s your own group, you have to facilitate the discussion. If you join other groups, someone else will be doing that for you. There’s more benefit for being the creator of the group because that gives you some authority. So you want to be the one who is driving it.

One more thing about groups is pinned posts. On Katie’s page she has a pinned post that shows what the group is all about. It says “Friends with Travel Benefits. The goal of Treckit Connect is to be a safe space for all travelers to have a voice. We want to change the way you travel. No more one-sided reviews, but instead dialogue. Sharing travel advice with other like-minded people.” This tells you what the group is all about and sets the standard for the rest of the group. It tells you what you get from the group. I really like this post, and she’s pinned it so that this post stays as the first post that people see on this page. You can also change pinned posts whenever you want. It allows you to control what is seen first in a group.

Real quick recap: 1. Create groups around something. It doesn’t matter if there are already groups in your space, they can’t do it the same as you and people always want to connect with more like-minded people. 2. Get your pinned post. 3. Get an awesome picture for your group. Then start inviting your friends and family into the group.

This is important: Do not just erroneously invite people into the group who don’t have anything to go with it. That’s annoying and spammy and people will just start to hate your group if you do that. I get added to 4 groups a day that I don’t care about. I don’t want to be a part of it, if I did I would have joined your group yourself. That’s fine. Just invite the people believe will benefit from it first, and then have them invite people. Have them talk about the group on Facebook Live. Have them do these kinds of things because that’s how you’re going to get people into your group.

That’s really it. Groups are really simple if you just try.