Today I’ll be talking about why you need to run your business like Disneyland. I had an awesome experience at Disneyland the other day, I was taken around by someone who knows Disneyland very well. The one thing that struck me the most about being at Disneyland is that Disney, as a company, does an fantastic job, probably unparalleled. They build a following that is not just enjoys going to the park, they build raving fans. These people are just nuts about the park, about Disney, about anything that Disney does. You see this on occasion, but honestly, this is only my second time at Disneyland, this is something that from a business perspective never struck me until I was there the other day, they build these raving fans. Like me paint the picture for you. This is something that I didn’t even know that happened until my friend explained this to me. There are gangs at Disneyland. Not kill people kind of gangs, but there are Disney gangs that all dress the same way, like the one we saw had these jean jackets on and all of these pins. Not only are these people extreme Disney fans, you know they bought year passes and are going there a ton, they’re also in a lot of cases trying to make everyone else’s experience at the park better. It’s not their job, they’re just such big fans of what Disney has built that they want to make sure that other people have great experience so they’ll go around helping people out, enforcing rules. They’re there to help build the experience and that’s just one example. We were in line for one of the rides and we met a family, they spend month every single year, and they’re from British Columbia Canada, at Disneyland. That’s crazy to me. I would never go spend a month in Disneyland, but what’s awesome about that more than anything else is that they are such big fans of Disney that that’s worth it them. Not only that, they have their own custom Disney clothing line, so they make all kinds of awesome Disney clothing for people. That’s the point guys, it’s not just “there’s a bunch of people who love Disney,” it’s that a company can build a follow that’s so loyal and intense to make such raving fans of what they do, that to me is mind blowing.

There’s no reason, other entrepreneurs out there, that you can’t do the same thing. Now, not to say that you need to wait until you’re the size of Disney to make that happen, you can do that if you’ve only get a handful of people. I would consider the people who watch my Facebook Live broadcasts fairly big fans of me, otherwise they why would they watch the videos or be friends with me on Facebook or be looking at anything I’m doing? The folks that have bought my book and left reviews for it. All it takes, in my opinion, to get this done is just to give. One of the people that I’m a big fan of is Gary Vanderchuck and he has a book out called Jab Jab Jab Right Hook. The point is that when you go and give give give, continuously giving value and not asking for anything in return, just giving awesome stuff like here’s a piece of what I do, here’s a free video, here’s this Facebook Live, there’s something for free. When you give give give, people naturally want to give back. When you give like that, in addition to wanting to give back, they’re also becoming raving fans of what you do. There’s so many ways to make that happen, but giving is the number one way. The number two way that I see from a company that I do a lot of work with, which is Fortune Builders, they do a great job of this too. That is not taking anyone who is unhappy and just writing them off as “ah, they’re not gonna get it.” I would argue that they do some of the best of this in the world, is not just saying “Ok someone’s unhappy, but how do we make someone who is unhappy and turn around what they’re doing and make them happy.” But not just make them happy, take them all the way to the conclusion. Make them like us even better than before, go above and beyond the call of action. If you do that in your business, you’re going to see more success. You’ve got someone who was unhappy and you’ve turned them around. We see this all the time. A lot of companies, you look for negative things online like on the BBB and one thing that Fortune Builders does a phenomenal job with is not just writing those off as unhappy and whatever they don’t matter. The actual owner of the company will actually call and respond to actual people, and that just speaks volumes for creating raving fans. Where else do you know that you can do that? Just by giving that personal attention to someone and saying, “I know you were unhappy, I want to make it right.”

All too often, we just discount people who are unhappy as “they’re never going to be happy no matter what.” That’s not the case. There are some people like that, but it shouldn’t prevent you from trying to do things to make things better for them. I do this myself, one of the things that we sell is an online course on helping people remodel their house. When we do that, we’ve had people complain, and we didn’t just say whatever, we asked how we could improve that and make it better. If not, then we’ll just return their money so they can be happy knowing that they didn’t lose anything. People often times just don’t take the time to really dive in and make sure that their customers are having a phenomenal experience.

To tie to back to Disneyland, what I saw out there was something unparalleled. When you look at the staff members at Disneyland, they’re not just there to clock in and out, they’re excited to be there, they’re happy to be there, they want to help you and make your experience better. When I went and stood in a line, I got a chance to meet chewbacca and Kylo Ren. When I did that, they weren’t just there taking pictures, they were embodying the characters that they were portraying. Chewy was very happy and fun, Kylo was super serious. That little detail makes someone a raving fan. It went from an awesome experience to get a picture with some characters that I enjoy, to “wow that was an unbelievable experience!” That changed my perception of Disneyland. I had such a better day. It took my day from great to amazing, just that little thing. That’s all you’ve got to do, care a little bit, give a little bit, and put yourself out there and you’ll be surprised what people will do for you. The raving fans that you’ll create, how you’ll start doing that. Too many people focus on just making money and not giving to their customers. They don’t realize that when you give to your customers, that’s when you’ll see the real benefit. That’s why you need to build your business like Disneyland. Make people believe. Make sure that they are raving fans. You’ll create happier people who are going to have a better time and it creates a better experience for you overall.