I want to talk today about two little words that were shared with me by one of my mentors many years ago that have helped me sell more stuff and get more of what I need to in my business. I want to talk about what those two words are. Those are the words “so that.” That’s it. Those two simple words. “So that.” The words “so that” are so very powerful when it comes to sale and marketing and making money because all too often– The reason that this came up is I was having a great conversation last night before I took off from Denver back to LA and when I was having this conversation with a good friend of mine. He was talking to me about a new business idea that he has and I told him “write this out” and I said “So that.” Remember, people don’t want to buy features. So when you sit there and you talk about “hey, I’ve got the latest greatest XYZ component” or if you’re in real estate and you say “oh look, I’ve got granite countertops and stainless steel appliances,” those things are good and people like to know those kinds of things but they’re not really buying on those things, they’re buying on the benefits. What is it going to allow them to feel, to do, to have things like that.

So a great example, as many of you know, we’re in real estate, people aren’t buying because of the granite counter tops and the stainless steel appliances. Sure those things are helpful and they like to know that they have those, buying the feeling when that they get when they walk in that house. How can you make them feel? So if you’ve got an open concept house with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances don’t talk about that, talk about the feeling. Like “When you buy this house you’ll have a great open concept so that you can entertain your guests and be the best party house in the neighborhood. So that while you’re preparing dinner you can look in the living room and watch your kids.” It doesn’t really matter what the so that really is as long as you tie that to a thought or feel that their going to get or a benefit that you’re trying to sell. Also, people just straight up don’t sell on benefits. They sell on features and features don’t sell, at least not for as much money. So if you want to maximize your sales, you want to maximize what you’re doing, whether it be online or offline in person. It doesn’t really matter where you’re doing this, the two simple words “so that” are extremely powerful. So the next time that you’re writing any marketing copy, next time you’re watching anything, listen for those words. I’d be willing to bet that all of a sudden you’re going to start seeing them everywhere. So that you can do this, so that you can have this, so that you’ll have more time, so that you can relax and be a better parent, so that you can spend more time with your kids, so that you can have more free time, so that you can enjoy your vacation, so that, so that, so that. It’s two little words that we throw in there and when you think about it, you know, it realistically it’s five letters, but those five letters make such a powerful impact on everything that we do when we talk about business, what you’re selling, how you’re selling, all of that, this stuff makes a huge difference. So make sure that you do that.  Include those words.

Now, when it comes down to using “so that,” if you just use it ambiguously you’re just like “well I don’t really know what the so that is, I’m just going to throw one in there,” then it doesn’t make any sense. It’s got to be well thought out, it’s got to be something that you go in there and use your brain power on and if you’re not sure what that is, ask people. Better to ask and get the real truth of what it is that you’re offering so that you can actually offer something that people want and get them in the door versus just saying  “Oh well I think this is what they want.” Of course, you might get it right and you might have some results. You might have some success with that, that’s very possible. But I’d rather know the formula ahead of time and put it in there. One of my other good mentors, his name is Andy Tanner, he does a lot of speaking. He was a sales guy. Phenomenal at what he does. He always chuckles like “hey listen, I always find it’s funny that people think that they think they can’t sell things because they’re not in charge of the decision.” Listen guys, it’s simply not true. At the end of the day, you as a sales person, if you own a business you’re a sales person, hands down. You’re selling yourself, you’re selling your services, you’re selling your product, you’re selling something. If you’re not selling something then you’re not going to be in business very long because, let’s face it, businesses cost money to run and if you don’t have the money coming in, then you’re not going to have the money to support it. So you’ve got to be selling something. He always says “hey listen, the sale is not in the hands of the other person, it’s in your hands. You have to do the right things as long as long as you provide the value, as long as you provide the opportunity, they’re going to make the decision to buy. The only time that they don’t is when they don’t see those things. All too often they don’t see those things simply because you guys don’t it out there. So I want you to keep that in mind. You are the one that’s providing the value, you are the one who is providing the service. If they didn’t want what you have, they wouldn’t be there talking to you, watching your video, coming to your store, coming to your speaking gig, your event, your open house, it doesn’t matter what it is, if they’re there they have an interest. And if they have an interest, there’s an opportunity for us to make that work in our favor and be making sales. So I want you to use and think benefits, benefits, benefits. What are the benefits of what I’m selling. Does it free up time, does it free up capital, resources, does it not free up anything? Maybe it takes more of something but it produces more on the other side, what is the benefit? I want you guys to think, when we’re talking about benefits, the words “so that’ which are the most powerful things that you can say, are basically giving the benefit to the person of what they’re going to be buying and going through there and doing.

Here’s the deal guys. When it comes to benefits, at the end of the day, making more money is not a benefit. All too often people say “my thing is going to help people make more money.” That’s not a benefit. That’s not something that’s going to benefit people out there, that’s simply a feature of what you’re offering. Making more money is the feature, having more money so that you can go trips, so you can have time and location freedom, so that you can quit your job, so that you can do whatever else it is that you want to do, that’s the benefit that more money allows. If you’re offering a new house the benefit is not that you get this beautifully updated house, that’s the feature, the house is the feature. The benefit is better quality time with your family, feeling more comfortable, feeling like you have a little spa bathroom so that you can relax and let your brain get rid of the stresses of your hard work days. Those are the benefits of what you’re selling in that new house. All too often people don’t sell the benefits, they try to sell the features. And features sell, hands down features sell, but benefits sell so much better. If you want any further proof of this, I challenge you, right now is a perfect time, the iPhone 7 just got announced it’s going to be coming out very soon. Watch for Apple’s ads. I guarantee you that Apple will talk features but they won’t talk about features and just list them all off. They’re going to talk about what those features are going to allow you to. To connect with your friends, to have more time, to it easier to use your device, to share your content, to access your content,  to whatever. Look for the benefits on Apple’s stuff. They do some of the best jobs. In fact, a long time ago probably about four years ago, one of my good friends and mentors, Ralph, did an amazing two day seminar and all we did was break down a single Apple ad. Spent two days just looking at what they do because they do a phenomenal job with this stuff guys. With the iPhone 7 coming out now, just watch their ads. They’ll be talking about features, so that you can have the benefits of what those features are doing.

The “Why” is the benefit for that person, and if you’re not tying it into the benefit, they don’t care they’re not gonna want to buy it. Or if they do want to buy it they’re going to buy it but it’s not going to be at the price point that you could be offering it. That’s always the end goal. Whether it’s a physical product, a service, a house, a coaching program, whatever, it doesn’t matter what you’re selling at the end of the day the benefits are going to sell it faster for a higher price point and they’re going to sell it better. So I challenge you guys to go out there and use those two words: “so that.” Anything that you’re going to be offering in your business from now moving forward and if you’ve already got things for sale right now, what I want you to do is to go through and say “are you using the word so that and tying it into a benefit or are you just listing off a bunch of features or whatever it is you’re offering. Look at your ads, look at your descriptions, look at what you’re saying. Even look at your pictures. A lot of the times the pictures are going to be showing the features of what you’re having, not necessarily the benefits. So I challenge you guys to look at the benefits and find those in everything that you offer and then put that as your main selling point of what you’re doing and again use those two simple words “so that.” Keep that in mind, two easy words that you hear literally all of the time but you don’t always hear them in that combination because the moment you hear those two words your brain immediately goes to “what am I going to be getting from this, this is good stuff, I like this, I want to do this, I want that benefit my life needs that or whatever it’s going to be” and all of a sudden you don’t hear what’s happening you see yourself selling what you’re selling and this is an awesome tool to do that.

Again, use those two words guys. So that’s it for this video: quick, short, simple things that you can actually do.