Why are you stuck? There’s a million reasons why you could be stuck. I don’t know your exact reason. What I do know is that not enough people sending enough people developing themselves in their niche and doing something that will help progress their future. One of the cool things that I’ve got going on is that when I go to ignite this weekend is that I’m not just there to speak, I’m there to learn. Some of top minds of the real estate business are going to be there talking and I’m excited to be a part of that.

I want you guys to spend more time learning and growing. So what does that mean for you? I hear all the time “I can’t afford these events,” or “I can’t travel,” that’s fine. You don’t have to go to these events to learn and grow and make yourself better. You just have to make a commitment to get it done. If you’re not doing that, then why even bother. Go to events, read books, there’s all kind of things that you can do to better yourself in your field. What you can do is choose to make yourself better and surround yourself with people who are going to push you forward.

Like with ignite this weekend, I’m not only there to learn and connect with great people, a lot of fun things can happen if we do that. If we make ourselves learn and grow.

I want you to commit to making yourself better. I want you to commit going to at least one live event in the next 12 months. If you think you can do 3, set your goal for 5. If you think you can do 5, set your goal for 8. Do more than you think you can do. It can be anything, just get yourself to an event outside where you live. It has to be somewhere that you’re not at home s that you aren’t as easily distracted.

Next, make a list of books to make yourself read, I’m going to shamelessly plug my own book right here: Get Out of your Own Way. I published it a year ago and I designed it to so you can get yourself unstuck. Commit to reading books and hopefully my book is one of those that you commit to reading. It’s a fantastic way to grow, get better, be better, and get unstuck. If you’re stuck then find a book that talks about where you think that you’re stuck. Read that book. I want to read at least one book a quarter. I read at least one business book a month. Do one a quarter at least guys, if you can do more then great.

These self-training things that we do instead of watching TV are good. If you’re sacrificing your time to read or go to event that will help you grow so that you can binge on Netflix, that’s not worth it. If you accomplish your growth goals and you’ve still got time, then go ahead and binge. I want you guys to focus on getting yourself unstuck by hearing and reading what other people to say.